These images are an assortment of different concept ideas I have come up with.


This creature is actually an inter-dimensional parasite known as Sloth. this parasetic being is fully sentient and incredibly powerful in its dimension but our reality it requires a sort of template to exist. humans make an ideal choice for this template and can emit the negative emotion and energy that the parasite needs to live, and provide a molecular blueprint for organic existence in our world.


This little robot is an assistant A.I. if used in a video game she would be similar to Cortana, navi or other in-game NPC guides. The 1st few drafts I planed on her being fully holographic but later decided to make her more robotic. she emotes via her eyes and the holographic projections around her head. she floats around using an anti gravity engine on her back and in her arms. she is only 60cm tall when active and in her offline mode she curls up small enough to fit in a back pack.


Wyverns are often called goblin or vulture dragons. Neither of these names are particularly majestic and when they are constantly compared to dragons, its easy to see why many people don’t respect them as powerful beasts.





Diablo demon berserker concepts


a werewolf


A sentient alien


a set of engine swords

fish dog

This alien is called a fishbear. It was designed with a natural purpose similar to a polar bear. It usually eats giant crustaceans by prying their shells open with its arms. It then pulls the meat out of the shell with its long flexible bottom tooth, gruesomely with the victim alive. Some crustaceans will pull their limbs off to give the fishbear for their lives and the fish bear saves energy usually reserved for wrestling the struggling prey.